October is HERE!!!!!!

Though it has been a rainy return to campus for students after a nice Fall Break, nothing can bring down the Pioneer Spirit. The second half of the semester looks like it is going to be jam-packed and full of fun and great events on campus!

When I came back to campus Tuesday afternoon I was able to hear from some of the student sports players about their first practices on the new field at the Athletics Complex. They were so excited to have a nice, new track to practice on and a beautiful new turf to play on. Even more exciting is the buzz going throughout campus about the Field Day activities planned for the opening day of the new complex. Almost all departments, teams, students groups, etc. are going to be involved; the enthusiasm is undeniable. If you haven’t already seen the many process videos from the Development Office, you should check them out! I have the privilege of editing them and hearing first hand how amazingly everything is coming together. It is a very exciting time to be involved on campus, and the entirety of the Transy community is invited to join along with us.

Beyond the festivities of Opening Day for the new Athletics Complex, many other events are popping up around campus and within the Lexington community. College Day at Keeneland is Friday, and it is always an exciting day for students to relax, have fun, and break out of the Transy Bubble. Halloween is closing in on campus, and everyone is getting excited for all the activities Raf Weekend and the heart of the Fall season brings. My roommate and friends have already started carving pumpkins to prepare for Pumpkin Mania, and have been decorating like mad-people for Halloween. We have also planned for our second annual Leaf Day, a day we devote to playing in all the leaves the fall in Back Circle and trying to create the largest leaf pile we can. Rocky Horror (always a favorite) is coming back to the Kentucky Theater and almost everyone I know is planning on going.

I sometimes think that Fall is the best season on campus. So many exciting Transy traditions take place (here’s to hoping I can win an overnight stay in Raf’s tomb!), and October is chalk-full over so many exciting events for students and the community. I hope that any of you reading decide to take the opportunity to join us Saturday, for the Opening Day, or come have a visit and see all the leaves changing colors and fun festivities occurring all around Transy.

‘Til next Thursday, Insiders!


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